Monday, December 27, 2010

A Comic Interlude

(While I work up courage and energy to write about other things)

The comic strip Frazz offers insightful and witty takes on (American) school life. Its calligraphic style and appearance of the eponymous character has fueled speculation that Frazz's creator Jef Mallett is actually Bill Watterson. Wikipedia seems to believe otherwise but hey, it is fun to speculate :P

Christmas day's Frazz comic offers a nod and wink to Calvin and Hobbes. Those who have enjoyed Calvin's early Christmas morning sorties to check for presents (and wake up his parents at ungodly hours) should get the reference easily enough.

Frazz (Dec 25, 2010)

Calvin and Hobbes (Dec 25, 199?)

I am not surprised - Jeff Mallett has acknowledged Watterson's influence and this is not the first time he has tipped his hat at Watterson.

In case you didn't know already, you can read both Frazz and Calvin and Hobbes online.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. If we don't get my Ricoeur, we can always get a Calvin and Hobbes to read. Whee :D