Saturday, December 13, 2008

SICP: Solutions to Exercises and Notes

I started my sabbatical in early July 2008 with the aim of working through the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, exercises and all. I have completed the first three chapters at the time of writing this. So far I have been posting notes at the end of each chapter. I'll now start putting up my solutions to the exercises and any notes/questions I have.

All the exercises have been written in MzScheme using DrScheme. DrScheme's implementation of MzScheme worked straight out of the box for most purposes. The only serious tweaking I had to do so far was to add a macro for the cons-stream operation required in chapter 3. The code for this macro was borrowed from the PLT Scheme mailing list.


Esteban Is Swimming said...

Thanks mate!

Esteban Is Swimming said...

Hi there,
thanks for posting these exercises.
I am interested in the Section 3.3 mutable data. But cannot execute your code. I am running DrScheme In Module. I've installed MzScheme but cannot see the language in DrScheme.

Can you help? Been through the manuals from PLT...

Cheers, monchichi