Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Request to Blogger

Please, please add a formatting tool/plug in/some other mechanism to highlight code syntax. It took me two frustrating hours of cutting and pasting to add code samples to this post. Even now, I am not completely happy with the results. And as automatically inserted line breaks (BR tags) and highlighter do not go together, I have to manually insert BR tags in all my posts :( Thankfully, I am not a prolific blogger ;) but even then it sucks.

I am not partial to any specific utility. In this case I followed the example set by other bloggers and used dp.SyntaxHighlighter. But I will (and so will most others, I suspect) gladly use your tool if you were to provide one.

C'mon guys, after all you are Google :)

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Bosky said...

i second that . even you did come up with the code in html with the ampersand's and nbsp's ,it still shows pretty horrendously . im surprised how i still hear only blogger users face this .

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